Tools For Transformation

Just like any artist, we need the proper tools to transform our bodies into works of art. Within these pages we will provide you with the tools that we have found in our experiences to be the best tools to help you move toward and attain your goals (with more additions to come).


“…be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” – Romans 12:2

For me, Margaret, it is only when I made up my mind that I was done feeling sluggish, weighted down, and sick that I was able to embark on a new life journey focused on love. I expressed that new found love for self by choosing to make healthier choices for my daily meals and choosing to make exercise a priority.

Over the years, I have made a conscious choice every day to make my daily practice one of eating healthy foods throughout the course of the day as a source of fuel for my body, drinking an abundance of water, and exercising (both weight lifting and cardio).

To truly enjoy a healthy lifestyle it starts with the mind. We must make a conscious choice in mind (and heart) to do or not do, to stay the course or walk away, to succeed or fail. It is up to us and the only one who can make the change in your life – is you!