Health Is Wealth

Here at Body Build Her, we are all about the idea of Health being Wealth. Imagine every morsel of good, clean food, every drop of water, every ounce of sweat burned and muscle built, every personal training session, every good night’s sleep rather than going out — as deposits – in your Health Account.

How wealthy are you inside?

Within these pages we hope you find inspiration to fuel your Health Fortune (with new additions to come).

#1 – Keep It Simple

Whatever your health and fitness goals, our best advice is: take one step and one day at a time. Omitting just one unhealthy thing from your daily diet will help you make serious changes long term.

Don’t try to go cold turkey on EVERY thing. Find one thing to begin with and do away with it.

If you’re one of those who still drinks soda on a daily basis (yes, the diet ones too) giving up that habit is a good place to start. Replace your daily soda intake with water and watch what happens in just a few weeks. Get going on a workout routine intermingling cardiovascular with weight training, and look out world! You will be on fire!!!